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ZAP! juice 50ml 10 flavours


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ZAP juice now in stock! 10 amazing flavours and something for everybody!  50ml bottles 0 nicotine high vg  nic shots come free with each bottle 

ZAP! Juice Purple Slushie is an intense flavour of zingy grape blended expertly with a dash of ice cool menthol delivering a vibrant grape

Lychee Lemonade by ZAP! Juice is a blend of tangy and zesty lemonade combined with the exquisite taste of exotic, sweet lychee

Blue Soda by Zap! Juice features a blend of Raspberries and Cream Soda

Golden Pomelo by ZAP! Juice features the taste of a citrus Pomelo, along with other tropical fruits

Melonade by ZAP! Juice is an excellent portmanteau word, feauturing a blend of Melons and Lemonade

Passionfruit Zest eliquid by ZAP! Juice is equal parts tropical and zingy. It features a punchy blend of passionfruit flavour, which while sweet tasting has a ripe finish to it with a citrus flavour added to give this ejuice a tart edge

Snow Pear eliquid by ZAP! Juice has a distinct fruity taste, as the name suggests it’s flavour is based on the snow pear, it has an overall sweet taste, with sour notes on exhale, the two blend to create a balanced flavour profile.  

Starfruit Burst by Zap! Juice features a blend of Berries and Mixed Fruits, along with Citrus and Candy Sweets

Summer Cider by ZAP! Juice delivers the taste of summer bottled for all to enjoy, by capturing the fizzy and fruity aromas of your favourite cider into the perfect eliquid

Vintage Cola by Zap! Juice is characterised by a mixture of fruits, herbs and spiced flavour-notes to create a vintage Cola taste

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Blue Soda, Purple slush, Lychee lemonade, Golden pomelo, Melonade, Passionfruit zest, Snowpear, Starburst fruit, Summer cider, Vintage cola


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