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The Wotofo NexMesh Pro coils have been designed for use with the NexMesh Pro vape tank. There are four different versions of this coil available, all of which have been designed for sub ohm vaping and each features a unique build. We recommend pairing all of these coils with a high VG e-liquid that is 70% VG or higher.


  • NexMesh Pro Tank Replacement Coil
  • Sub Ohm Vaping
  • Mesh Builds
  • Compatible With High VG E-Liquid

The H11 coil uses Stainless Steel wire in a mesh formation. Again offering improved flavour and increased vapour production, the Stainless Steel ensures a faster ramp-up and a longer lifespan, recommended for use between 60 – 70W it features a 0.2 Ohm resistance.

The H12 coil utilises a specially designed Clapton mesh coil build. You’ll experience that fast ramp-up of the Clapton with the flavour-boosting properties of mesh all-in-one. A build specially designed for the NexMesh it features a 0.2 Ohm resistance can be used between 55 – 75W.

The H13 coil uses a traditional mesh net coil build. Like all classic mesh coils it can heat more e-liquid at a faster rate; ensuring improved flavour from e-liquid while at the same time increasing vapour production. Thanks to its low 0.15 Ohm resistance it can be used between 65 – 78W.

The H15 coil is the first of its kind and its dual-core build combines both a mesh build as well as a classic parallel build. Featuring a low 0.15 Ohm resistance, it delivers increased vapour production while at the same time producing better flavour from your e-liquid. This coil can be used between 65 – 80W.

The H18 coils feature a specially designed triple mesh build. This larger build has been developed to create a larger amount of vapour, while at the same time delivering improved flavour. Supporting 65 – 95W of power it features a 0.15 Ohm resistance.

The H19 coils utilise a complex quad coil build, made up of two parallel coils and two mesh builds. The largest coil in the range, it can be used between 60 – 95W and is the ideal choice if you’re looking to experience increased vapour production.


  • 3 x Wotofo NexMesh Pro Coils

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H11, H15


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