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Finally we can announce Haze Juice by the man himself Jai Haze will be on our shelves

8 stunning flavours all the way from Canada 

LOST RECIPE – This Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe was so sought after that we vowed to keep it safe, unfortunately the one who was entrusted to hide it happened to hide it a little too well, so now it’s lost forever.  All we have left is what this recipe tasted like and it tastes exactly how you want it too, it’s like a warm freshly made batch of gooey chocolate chip cookies that you won’t feel guilty vaping. It captures the warmth, the moistness, the chocolatly morsels and that great feeling that eating fresh cookies gives you.  This is one of the few Adv’s of the youtube reviewer/comedian Jai Haze, its his daily vape for any tank or rta and will soon be your new All Day Vape too!

RIGHTSIDE UP- The “Pineapple Cream Soda” Jai Haze loves and uses in every subohm tank that he reviews.  Light and Smooth exhale that is bursting with flavor.  The flavor is mouth watering at 40-60w and gets better the warmer the vape is.  80/20

RAIN DANCE- Rain Dance is a decadent treat that combines multiple flavors that will tickle your taste buds. By marrying rich and smooth chocolate, a tropical nutty blend, and a tasty flavor pallet, Rain Dance has created the ultimate desert in vapor form. The chocoholic will delight in the full bodied blend with a subtle aftertaste that satisfies even the most sinful of cravings. As the smooth silkiness is inhaled it floods the senses in a delicious way. Rain Dance will fulfill all your desert fantasies without the unwanted calories. Enjoy the Goddess of Deserts in liquid form.

ROX- Rox is the best selling flavor Vapel1fe has, its an explosion of fruits and melons that are the perfect fusion for your taste buds.  Its an exotic blend of Strawberry, Watermelon, Honeydew and Berries.  It has Max VG which is amazing for flavor and produces maximum vapor production, being a little bit thicker also helps it last a little longer too.  This is a great all day vape for any fruit lover, with such an exquisite blend its very hard to get vape tongue to it.  Other fruity flavors out there taste muted on day two or dont have much flavor to begin with, Rox on the other hand is an explosion of flavor with every hit.

POTION 29 (NEW)- Little dash of raspberry or is it? Pink Lemonade with cool hints and a lot of sugary goodness. Not too sweet; not too tart.

Autumn Caramel Apple – Caramel version – Wonderfully delicious sweet caramel apple pie, extremely satisfying


Autumn Apple – Original/OG – Wonderfully delicious sweet apple pie, extremely satisfying 

Lolli-P – Sweet & tart blue raspberry lollipop 


Stuffed – Well, this took about 4 months of perfecting.  This is guaranteed to make you think your eating double stuffed cookies with extra cream with a touch of creamy cake goodness.

Asylum – Asylum is one of the original flavors of the Vapel1fe line and one of the richest blended vanilla’s you’ll ever have.  It is a layered combination of Moist Vanilla Cake, Rich Vanilla Custard, Freshly Whipped Pudding and topped off with some Feathery Frosting.  It is a perfectly curated mix of different Vanillas blended together to create an insane blast of flavor that we call Asylum.  Get it? Insane Flavor called Asylum?

1340 –  Blueberry creamy goodness, A sweet blueberry milkshake 


50ml bottles 0 nicotine 

These require 1 nicotine shot which will be supplied free of charge with each bottle purchased 


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rightside up, Potion 29, rox, rain dance, Lost recipe, Autumn apple, Autumn caramel apple, Lolli-P, Asylum, Stuffed, 1340


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