Fantasi – 100ml


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7 Awesome flavours that replicate a very popular drink we still have today

Strawberry – Sweet strawberry soda poured over a generous serving of crushed ice. Fantasi strawberry Ice transports you back to summer in this ultimate refreshing vape!

Grape – Taking our popular grape soda as the base, we then supercharged the recipe with extreme cooling. Fantasi Grape Ice is perfect for lovers of ice-cold, juicy grape pop

Lemonade – Zesty, supercooled and sweetened to perfection, Fantasi Lemonade Ice replicates gulping on a can of ice-cold pop right out of the fridge! A great choice for vapers who crave a real arctic blast!

Mango – For this ultimate tropical fruit summer vape, we kept all the rich and satisfying taste of a classic mango e-juice then upped the cooling to give a super refreshing arctic blast. Fantasi Mango Ice is as close to an ice-cold glass of mango soda as you can find in an e-liquid.

Orange – Fantasi Orange Ice is exactly like an ice-cold can of fizzy orange but with none of the calories!

All 100ml bottles 0 nicotine 2 nic shots per bottle to make 3mg in strength


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Grape, Lemonade, Orange, Mango, Strawberry, Lime mojito, Cherry, Watermelon, cola, Blue Raspberry, Raspberry


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