Double Drip salts 10ml


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Double drip nic salts now in stock  10mg/20mg both available 

  1. Menthol Mist 
  2. Raspberry Sherbet
  3. Super Berry Sherbet
  4. Lemon Sherbet
  5. Cherry Bakewell
  6. Crystal Mist
  7. Mango Raspberry Ice Cream

10ml bottles

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Flavour Choice

Menthol Mist 10mg, Menthol mist 20mg, Raspberry sherbet 10mg, Raspberry sherbet 20mg, Super berry sherbet 10mg, Super berry sherbet 20mg, Lemon Sherbet 10mg, Lemon sherbet 20mg, Cherry bakewell 10mg, Cherry bakewell 20mg, Crystal Mist 10mg, Crystal mist 20mg, Mango raspberry ice cream 10mg, Mango raspberry ice cream 20mg


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